Jute bags

Farla Belgium also has a full range of jute bags. The jute bags are reusable.

Jute shopping bags look good and royal. These are generally used with inside lamination. The lamination of the jute bags increases the life of the bags, make the inside wipe cleanable and also provides a basic structure to the bag. A structured jute bag stands on the table top for easy filling and is also very attractive. Jute bags without lamination or Starched Jute Bag are 100% natural and biodegradable bags. Jute can be dyed using azo free dyes.Natural jute is available in different constructions 13×13 / 14 x 15 etc. The more suitable quality for bag making is the 14×15 grade. Jute has a natural brown color and can be laminated or starched for added strength and shape.

Jute Bags come in all shapes and sizes, from a small gift bag to a large shopping bag. Natural jute goes well with dyes and prints and the natural brown colour provides an attractive glow to the bags. Jute bags can be used with self jute handles or cotton rope handles. A cotton tape handle provides a softer option and padded cotton tape handles are more luxurious and attractive.

• Jute fibre is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.
• Jute has low pesticide and fertilizer needs.
• It is a natural fibre with golden and silky shine and hence called The Golden Fibre.
• It is the cheapest vegetable fibre procured from the bast or skin of the plant’s stem.
• It is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton, in terms of usage, global consumption,
• production, and availability.
• It has high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of fabrics.
• Jute has the ability to be blended with other fibres, both synthetic and natural.


• Jute bags with long or short handles
• Silkscreen
• Bleached or colored
• Handles in jute, bamboo or other
• Possibility of zip
• Possibility of an inside bag

Quantity: From 2000 pieces

Delivery: 13-14 weeks



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